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Hear Andrés speak on a variety of subjects pertaining to inclusion and diversity. Use the links below to stream his podcasts directly to your browser or mobile device.

DEI: The secret ingredient for successful recruitment

McKnight's Home Care Newsmakers Podcast. Presented by MatrixCare by ResMed
(19:18 mins)

Bonnie St. John/Straight Up Podcast
Building trust is an essential piece to creating an inclusive environment in your workplace. But, what comes first?

Latinx leader and educator Andres Tapia gives us insights into the traits that create stronger connections across racial and ethnic backgrounds.
(Facebook Watch, 3 mins)

Culture Clash - Part 2
Can Latino Culture Identity and Corporate Culture be Reconciled? - Q&A

Part 1 Elicited many questions. Here Andrés does a bonus track with the overtime Q&A. (30 mins)

On D&I Strategy

Hewitt podcast (32 mins)

On Multicultural Marketing

Hewitt podcast (10 mins)

On Women in Leadership

Hewitt podcast (23 mins)

On Sustainable Diversity

Hewitt podcast (10 mins)