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About Andrés Tapia

Andrés Tapia is a Senior Partner and Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategist at Korn Ferry. Korn Ferry is a premier global provider of leadership and talent search and management solutions. Previously he served as President of Diversity Best Practices, a preeminent diversity and inclusion thinktank and consultancy. Prior to Diversity Best Practices, he served as Hewitt’s Chief Diversity Officer and Emerging Workforce Solutions Leader for seven years, where he was responsible for leading the company’s internal and external diversity vision and strategies.

Andrés is a published writer and prominent speaker. He is the author of The Inclusion Paradox: The Obama Era and the Transformation of Global Diversity, 3rd edition (2016) and the co-author of Auténtico: The Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success - A Latino Executive Manifesto. As a journalist, he has covered social trends in the U.S. and Latin America via articles appearing in many global and industry publications and has been interviewed by major media outlets.

His experiences in the US, China, India, Canada, the UK, Spain, Kenya, and throughout Latin America and his native Perú have equipped him with a true global perspective. By working with dozens of Global 1000 multinational clients, as well as with public schools, arts organizations, and law enforcement agencies, Andrés knows how to generate a diverse, high performing workforce across industries. His innovative approaches in fostering inclusive work environments lead to a body of work that moves beyond Diversity 1.0 and into the next generation of global, profitable, and sustainable diversity work.

Andrés has created several groundbreaking and high-impact diversity learning and multicultural marketing programs and was the catalyst for a groundbreaking Hewitt/Ariel study on retirement savings that found that race/ethnicity is a greater determinant of differences in savings behaviors than income.

Andrés has received the following recognitions: He is a Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow (Class of 2008), Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement Éxito Award (2008), Chicago United’s Business Leader of Color Award (2007), CDO Exemplary List published by Diversity Best Practices in FORTUNE magazine (2006), the Corporate Diversity Program and Diversity Ad Campaign of the Year granted by the Minorities in Advertising Foundation (2006), and the Hewitt Exemplary Leader Award (2005).

He is also a Trustee at Ravinia Festival and on the boards of HACE (Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement), the Bentley University Center for Women in Business, and the editorial board of Diversity Executive magazine.

Andrés holds a B.A. in History with an emphasis in journalism and political science from Northwestern University. He is married to Lori, a musician, and they have an adult daughter, Marisela, who is a professional flamenco dancer.