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  • April 30, 2020

Leading a Nation Inclusively during COVID19 Outbreak

By Juliet Warne, Senior Principal at Korn Ferry, As part of the Korn Ferry series, “Inclusive Leadership in a Time of Pandemic”

One year on from the worst mass shooting in New Zealand’s history, this small island country, along with the rest of the world, found itself confronting an attack of a different kind. While many global leaders scrambled for a response to the looming health catastrophe of COVID 19, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern took swift, decisive action. On March 19, with only 6 cases recorded, she shut New Zealand’s borders to foreign visitors and four days later, moved to full lock down requiring all non-essential workers to stay home and limiting outings to essential grocery shopping and local exercise. Her message was clear and simple, “Stay home to save lives”.

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