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  • July 17, 2018

Un-Inclusive Leadership Lessons: The Authoritarian Playbook

By Andrés T. Tapia (the views here are mine alone)

My recent Tweetstorm on @AndresTTapia:

1/ Beginning thread on #AuthoritarianPlaybook: First, tap into deep seated legitimate despair (i.e., economic displacement)

2/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Next, stoke deepest fears by exaggeration & sense of imminent cataclysmic danger (i.e., terrorism)

3/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Find scapegoats (i.e., stealing of jobs by darkskinned immigrants & countries)

4/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Demonize the scapegoats (i.e., “rapists,” “criminals,” “terrorists”)

5/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Exaggerate, distort & lie.

6/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: When challengd on facts, doubledown self-righteously on ExaggerationDistortionLies + accuse accusers of being true perps of same

7/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Make a mortal enemy of anyone who questions their POV (i.e., the Press, the opposition party, protestors)

8/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Demand loyalty above all else. And reward it handsomely (i.e., pay to play, zero tolerance of dissent by staff)

9/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: String along reluctant allies w/promise of supporting cherished policies if w/hold criticism & investigations of wrongdoing (Congress Rs)

10/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Delegitimize democratic results proving opposition to ruler (i.e., “vote fraud,” “paid protestors,” “fake polls”)

11/ #AuthoritarianPlaybook: Promise to be sole savior that will address all problems (“I alone can save you,” joint session of Congress speech. /END


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