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  • July 17, 2018

Un-Inclusive Leadership Lessons: Media Manipulation

(The views here are mine alone)

My recent Twitter thread on @AndresTTapia:

1/ #MediaManipulation: Pre-digital authoritarians seize control of media outlets to directly reach populace without factcheckng; Twitter allows same.

2/ #MediaManipulation: Dispute every single criticism not thru denial but thru similar accusation of greater magnitude toward accuser (I know u r but what am I?).

3/ #MediaManipulation: Sow confusion by making contradictory statements and let them stand in contradiction.

4/ #MediaManipulation: Claim inside knowledge but don’t source facts.

5/ #MediaManipulation: Shift burden of proof when called out (you prove that my made-up facts are not true).

6/ #MediaManipulation: Never admit any error.

7/ #MediaManipulation: Turn mainstream media into mortal enemy.

8/ #MediaManipulation: Delegitimize journalists by saying they lie all the time (“fake news”).

9/ #MediaManipulation: Restrict press access (keep out of pressroom, reduce press pools, stonewall shouted out Qs).

10/ #MediaManipulation: Don’t return media calls to comment on new finding & then blame press for not seeking comment on new finding.

11/ #MediaManipulation: Make shit up.  /END


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