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  • June 28, 2011

Hispanic Access Foundation – Using New Media to Link Latinos

by Andrés T. Tapia –medicalhomearticle.LatFamily-300x208

Imagine looking for a daycare provider, or the nearest national park, or help with a medical concern, or maybe even, help with immigration or child support. Where do you turn for the information, especially if you’re Latino and want to deal with organizations that are sensitive to your background? You can turn to the Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF).

Employing both traditional and new media, this non-profit organization provides key information to Latinos on issues like healthcare, the environment, legal assistance, and other social services. It does this by using its searchable online database to link Latinos with more than 17,500 community-based Hispanic serving organizations. The organizations provide bilingual, affordable and culturally appropriate services throughout the country. And HAF encourages other non-profits to list their organizations in the database.

One of the most user-friendly aspects the website is its address locator function. Simply enter a zip code and a desired service, the site then provides a list of organizations to meet your needs, all within a distance that you determine, say 5, 20, or 500 miles. Well designed, novice computer users can access information as easily as those who have more advanced computer skills.

HAF’s website explains:

We design and implement data-driven initiatives that combine the strength of new and traditional forms of media with grassroots outreach to transform information into action.

…We are dedicated to providing greater access to vital information and community resources to the US Hispanic population to improve their health and quality of life. HAF brings a unique and effective process of grassroots education outreach that can mobilize thousands of individuals in virtually any city in the US and Puerto Rico.

Helping HAF visitors turn information into action is what can happen when you bring together innovation, diversity, and technology. So far they have helped 100,000. That’s called, making a difference.

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