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Where are the workers? The list of occupations suffering critical shortages in the U.S. keeps getting longer: teachers, nurses, bus drivers, social workers, accountants, air-traffic controllers. A major cause of the problem is demographic: the Baby Boom generation is retiring, a trend that sped up during the pandemic, and fertility rates are declining all across the developed world. Yet therein lies one of the solutions: persuading older workers to stay in the labor force longer, as well as creating opportunities for younger generations to have longer careers.
Want to know the best DE&I scorecard out there? There isn’t one. But you can create the best one for your organization by following this methodology.
New data suggests the diversity push is at a critical juncture, with a huge spike in Black director appointments last year but signs of momentum waning.
The trial over George Floyd's killing has ended, but experts say it isn’t the time to stop diversity and inclusion efforts.
One in four workers is now 55 or older. Ironically, though, many companies are shedding older workers these days, to make room for younger ones. But in the process, they’re often losing decades of intellectual capital. This article explores what some companies are doing to change that trend.
The burger chain is tying a significant portion of executive pay to adding more people of color to the leadership ranks. Experts say targets and timetables can be tricky, though.
Why leaders today must enlarge their worlds, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.
By Marji Marcus, Senior Principal at Korn Ferry, as part of the Korn Ferry series, “Race Matters: Eradicating Systemic Racism in Corporate America.”